IN-tuition: Ground breaking human development from the inside out.

There are three key stages to the DNA Light-Up journey, regardless of how it is delivered or over what length of time.

The Four Pillars form the foundation of Light-Up - a series of simple, experiential exercises that allow people to rediscover for themselves the hidden power and skills they already possess.                                                                      

Small things often make the biggest difference. This playful look at language using imagery of gremlins and heroes shows how seemingly insignificant words have a critical impact on performance and success.

The last and most exhilarating step in the Light-Up journey - reclaiming our intuitive 'sixth sense' and learning how to trust what we already know. Decisions made simple, confidence made certain and trust made real.

The ultimate ‘inside job’

Referred to as “the ultimate inside job” DNA Light-­Up is delivered in three profound yet simple steps: Discover, Ngage, and Activate. Each of the steps takes the form of experiential exercises, following a proven methodology that takes people through a personal journey from head to heart and through to intuition – our highest human intelligence.

Reboots your life

The DNA Light-­Up experience forms the keystone of all our additional learning and development solutions. Delivered one-to-one or in group workshops, it’s a profoundly personal journey that reboots your life, your business, your family and your community, reigniting your deepest sense of well-­being and possibility.


(process, procedure, analysis, business measurements)
In life as well as in business, we’ve accepted the brain as our leader. We’ve learned to use our mental power to solve problems, make
decisions and communicate with others. Analytical, process driven and structured, we rely on mind development to help us understand and increase our abilities to succeed in the world around us.


Empathy, connection, engagement with others
Through the introduction and now commonly accepted model of Emotional Intelligence (EI, or EQ made popular by Daniel Goleman’s 1995 book) it’s become more acceptable in the business world to recognise emotions and feelings as an equally important (yet still less well acknowledged) set of skills to be developed.


Creativity, confidence, engagement with self, genius
Intuition (gut feeling, inner-­knowing, inner-­voice) is the seat of our human genius. It’s the place where creativity, courage, trust and flow are our natural state. Providing insight and clear judgement that goes beyond the rational mind, intuition is also viewed as something that can only be accessed at certain times. And because of that, it’s widely believed that it cannot be measured as a reliable sense that we can call on with confidence. Until now. This is the keystone of DNA Light-Up.

Is this all there is?

The more people continue to rely on brain activity and mental aptitude alone to navigate professional and personal interactions, the more they move away from flow, and away from connection, confidence and trust.

As we continue to ignore our deeper senses such as heart and intuition, the more we dim down our seat of power, the less we can engage and the more we stagnate. Little by little we stifle the possibility of healthy success – and then wonder why we’re left asking “Is this all there is?”.

Inner genius

When people learn how to tap in to this inner genius at will, the better they can perform, and the more engaged they become. People thrive and it’s contagious. Businesses thrive too.


A series of light, playful, experiential exercises

Step 1 - HISTORY

Validating your own personal story, a critical first step of the journey. Whether you’ve had a simple or difficult life so far, you may find that this is the first time that you’ve been truly listened to and ‘heard’, with no interruptions, no coaching interventions.

Through this experience alone many people start to make realisations before the rest of the programme has even started.


The beginning of the experiential exercises. This first step incorporates “The Four Pillars”, providing certainty and physical proof of the innate power that sits within each and every one of us. The four pillars provide a robust structure from which to move to the next step – useful, no-nonsense, practical techniques that can be used in daily life. They cover the following areas:


Understanding the habit trap, how it works, why so many people remain stuck, and how to break free with surprisingly little effort.


Appreciating that our chosen focus can change our experience in any moment, regardless of external factors. Proof of how to become ‘the eye of the storm’, even in the most challenging of situations.


Exploring how we can instantly change our physical capabilities through imagination and creativity alone.


Connecting with our natural central balance point, providing stability and certainty no matter the circumstances. This often results in people reporting a sense of stillness, power, calm and certainty.

Step 3 - NGAGE

Identifying the surprising and commonly misunderstood blockers that create disconnect and fragmentation, both internally and with the world around us.

This is a playfully powerful way of reassessing the impact of language – both externally (EN-gage) and internally (IN-gage) – through your personalised prescription of Gremlins and Heroes. You’ll learn how to disarm the secret verbal missiles that can cause havoc at home and in the workplace, and unlock your power of choice, connection, and exquisite communication.


Finding and connecting with your core intuition and learning how to use it in any aspect of life.

This is the bring-it-all together part of the journey that we like to refer to as a treasure hunt. Here you will connect with and define your unique super power in a way you’ve never experienced before. This is the ultimate inside job. Once identified in this way, we are able to nurture our own personal intuition to become as dependable and reliable as any of our other senses. During this session you will learn the steps to:

  • Improve confidence, increase performance and inspire others
  • Make clear and reliable decisions about anything and everything
  • Reignite YOUR world – home, family, work, passion and dreams

Drawing it all together. The Button-Up is usually delivered by Skype, followed by a 12-week on-line support programme.

Depending on whether you are experiencing the Light-Up as an individual, a family, a group, or a business, the follow-on will be tailored to your requirements.



How does it work?

Light-Up is delivered through a series of experiential exercises, delivered in a structured manner, which puts you in charge of your own journey. Simple to grasp, it enables you to make sense of the entire process from your own experiences of life. Each exercise is designed to explore a profound truth in a way that both feels right and makes sense for you – regardless of your experience, age or expectations.


How long does a personal Light-Up session last?

On a 1-2-1 basis, Light-Up is delivered over three sessions (once the free initial consultation is completed). The first face-to-face session lasts approximately two hours, the second (which takes place within the next week) lasts approximately one hour. After these two sessions, you will have completed the initial journey and you will be what we refer to as ‘lit up’.

At this stage you are automatically invited to join our exclusive on-line community. Approximately two weeks later, there is a follow-up session, referred to as a Button-Up, to find out where you’re at and what’s been happening, and to fine-tune your experience. This takes approximately 45 minutes and can be done over Skype or face-to-face.

You then have access to personal, on-line and community support, as you continue to ‘play with’ and ‘practise’ the Light-Up techniques.

For groups, the structure is slightly different and is tailored to suit both audience and numbers.

So the answer to the question – how long does Light-Up last is, equally, a few hours, a few weeks … and a lifetime.


Is it only available on a one-to-one basis?

No. Light-Up can be delivered in workshops, groups, seminars, and also on-line. Within the ‘rigid flexibility’ of Light-Up, we are always able to offer a tailored solution to suit your requirements. Give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for – we love a challenge!


How about for corporate – can it work there as well?

Absolutely it can work in business! Light-Up has been described as the ‘ultimate inside job’ and is perfect for companies who would like to develop their leaders, increase their staff engagement, and smash their business goals.


What will I learn?

Light-Up leads us back to what is naturally within us. It is more about looking at things with fresh eyes, re-membering and un-learning – particularly much of the conditioning that society has led us to believe is good for us – rather than about acquiring new knowledge.


It all sounds too good to be true – can I be sure this will work?

Good question. Your first step is to arrange a free consultation with an Activator of your choice (via telephone or Skype) so you can ask all of your questions and also find out what brought your chosen Activator to Light-Up and what it has meant for them. Everyone has a wonderfully unique story to share. You can also look on our blogs to read and hear some of the many testimonials that people have sent in.


Is it like meditation, mindfulness or some kind of therapy?

No. It’s not like any therapy that exists – and it’s not meditation or mindfulness either. It’s an experiential, light-hearted yet profound journey that is completed in full consciousness and in a playful manner. Your Activator is your guide every step of the way.


What happens after Light-Up?

You will have on-going support from your Activator, as well as be invited to join our exclusive on-line community of people who’ve experienced Light-Up. From there you will be kept up to date of further development and options – including on-line coaching programmes, residential courses, and Activator training opportunities. The most important thing is that you continue to play with what you find during your Light-Up journey. The more you  incorporate this into your regular life, the more your life will flourish.


Who is it for – can anyone do it?

Yes! It’s been tried and tested with all manner of people – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO of a scientific company who’s never considered self-development before, or you’ve been studying personal development for a lifetime. Whether you’re just starting in life, or you’ve got great grandchildren. Everyone has a core/intuition/gut/spirit/soul (whatever you choose to call the centre of who you are) which is why everyone can do it. Having said that, it’s not a journey to be taken lightly. Light-Up invites a whole new way of experiencing life – free from limitations, fear and worry.


Does this work for children as well?

Yes it does. We’re achieving remarkable results in our endeavours to take this out to schools and colleges. Light-Up for kids is helping children and young people to grow their confidence and self-esteem, to overcome the effects of bullying and other difficulties, and to improve their performance in all sorts of areas.


How can I become an Activator myself? Do I have to be a coach already?

After your own Light-Up, there are opportunities to take your practice deeper and further. If you decide you’d like to train as an Activator, we have a structured training programme that takes place over a number of months. This is available to anyone who feels compelled to share this work – and no, previous training and coaching experience is not necessary. Your Activator will be happy to explain more details.


Where does Light-Up come from?

Light-Up was born as a result of Melanie Pledger’s dedicated search for ‘something else’ whilst overcoming a life-time of personal difficulties. (FULL STORY HERE) Mel trained in all manner of personal and professional development fields including Louise Hay, NLP, Coaching, Reiki and Firewalking Instructor. Since 1997 she’s worked in the professional field of executive coaching, working with some of the best-known UK companies (Bauer media, Estee Lauder, Disney and Chrysalis Radio to name a few) Light-Up is distilled from decades of devotion to finding answers – and is the fusion of cutting edge development techniques blended with ancient truths, realised through personal experiences.


Does all this sound good to you? Click the button and book a free consultation to find out more or find a Light-Up Activator on the map below.