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We have everything we’ve ever needed. It’s right here inside of us. Now I know I can say this – and mean this.

Thanks to Light Up. I had a loving family upbringing – two younger sisters, wonderful parents, a ‘normal’ life. I’ve always been shy and unconfident, never really believed in my myself, ever. I was thrown a few curve balls – being pregnant and my mum dying just before the birth of my daughter. And then I seemed to get stuck in my not very happy life. I’m so grateful to have three wonderful children, and to have moved to another country. And I was still unhappy.

Finally I decided to change my path and take control, rather than floating. I discovered I had put myself into ‘boxes’, looking for ways to cope with situations and people. Now I’m clearly seeing the answers were already there within me.. It’s just knowing where to look … and believe me, I’ve been looking forever.

So, here I am. Happy … yes. Grateful …eternally. Scared …hell yeah! And with the biggest fizz of excitement and appreciation for what Light-Up and Mel have done for me. I’m looking forward, with a complete ME.

Bring it on !!!

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