For INDIVIDUALS, it's life-changing

Welcome to IN-lightenment!

Light Up is a uniquely personal journey that gently guides you home to yourself – lighter, brighter, stronger and clearer. And once you know who you really are, nothing can stop you. This journey reaches the part that other personal development programmes don’t, so you can be, do and have the things you dream about.

After your free consultation, your initial Light-Up is experienced through two face-to-face sessions with an Activator. A third session (Button-Up), a couple of weeks later via Skype, allows us to check in with you, see how you’re doing, answer any questions and fine tune things for you. Then there’s a full three month ongoing support programme, with additional development material – online, downloads and emails, as well as usual access to your Activator – including an optional final sign-off meeting at the end of the three months.

After your initial Light-Up, you have lifetime access to our exclusive online Lights Community, as well as our growing library of blogs, videos, webinars, emails and DNA material to tap into whenever you choose. If it feels right for you, there are many ways you can take this work further – including the potential to train to become an Activator yourself. You can discuss all of this with any member of the team. ​

N.B. Light-Up is extremely powerful and can be life-changing, which is why we ask you to sign a personal agreement with your Activator before you begin your journey.

DNA Light-Up in Three Little Words

Recent clients share their feelings just after completing Light-Up in a short video below …

How can I experience the Light-Up journey myself?

There are three packages available, each following the same golden-thread structure of the DNA Light-Up journey.

1. In person:

This takes place at a convenient location agreed with your local Activator, and is a 1-2-1 in-person experience that is delivered over two in-person sessions followed by a Skype Button-Up. (A mainly UK-based organization, we have already brought DNA Light-Up to France, Switzerland, USA, Spain and Dubai, and with our growing team of international Activators, we will soon be able to deliver in French and German as well as English.)

2. Via Skype:

Delivered over four sessions, the Skype (or other video chat providers) package means you can experience Light-Up from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world. (Only available from Gold and Platinum Activators.)

3. Intensive private residential:

The Sanctuary

You may choose to experience your Light-Up journey, one to one, at The Sanctuary, the place where DNA Light-Up was born in SW France. Nestled on the banks of the river Charente, you will stay in this beautiful old stone farmhouse, in a village steeped in natural beauty and mystery. Located on the Camino Trail, with its own 12th Century church (dubbed ‘the jewel in the Charente’) and an ancient healing font, this option is ideal for those who would really like to immerse themselves in the journey and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Time to go deeper into what Light-Up means for you, as well as time to relax, unwind, wander, explore. Your package (typically 2-3 days and always including food and accommodation) will be tailored to suit your personal requirements, and includes transportation to and from the local airport or train station. (Only available from Platinum Activators.)


There are different options available, to suit everyone. It’s up to you whether you want to choose a brand sparkly new activator who has just completed their training, or opt for an activator with a huge amount of experience and dozens and dozens of Light-Ups under their belt. It’s your choice. Whether you choose to do your Light-Up via Skype, in person, or at the Sanctuary for an intensive three day residential, payment plans are available. Please take a look at the individual activator biogs on the About Us page to find out more, and book your 30 minute consultation FREE OF CHARGE. ​


Prices – to suit all pockets

We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all circumstances. So in the interests of transparency, inclusivity and helping as many people as possible to experience Light-Up, we offer a range of fees which are tiered according to the experience level of the activator, how your Light-Up is delivered, and where. Payment option plans are available, as are scholarships in certain circumstances. Please take a look on the About Us page, contact your chosen Activator and book your FREE 30 minute consultation to find out more.

For GROUPS and FAMILIES, it's game-changing

Light-Up for everyone!

We’ve seen the impact that DNA Light-Up has in families, neighbourhoods, schools, groups, teams and communities, as well as on individuals – children, young people and adults, people working through difficulties and those whose lives have been disrupted by abuse, violence, illness or political upheaval.

Whether you’re part of a group that lives together, works together, plays together, or shares common interests, the Light-Up journey promotes deeper understanding between individuals, a shared language, balance, and practical tools for communication, connection and collaboration. It allows issues to be resolved (even complex or deep-rooted challenges) and harmony to be restored. From this solid foundation, ambitions can be met and goals achieved.

Charities and non-profit organisations:

So often it’s the most vulnerable in society who have least access to the kind of work we do. And we know how much these groups can benefit from Light-Up. It gives back the tools to IN-joy life and live with dignity, self-respect and self-acceptance. ‘Worthless’ becomes ‘worthwhile’, ‘hopeless’ becomes ‘hopeful’, and ‘impossible’ becomes ‘I’m possible’.

This is our passion, our commitment, our mission.


If you are a charity, non-profit, public-sector, educational, club, or group of people who’d like to find out how Light-Up can help, we’d love to explore ideas and find ways to share this work with your specific audience. Please contact us for more details and to book your free consultation.

DNA Light-Up | Quick Testimonials

A short while ago, we were able to capture the thoughts and feelings of five participants who have been through Light-Up recently. Here are a collection of 16 short clips for your inspiration and consideration if you're contemplating doing Light-Up...

Michael | “inner stability and peace”

Testimonial received from Michael, an engineer. I'd say some of the biggest changes for me are my inner stability and peace, both emotionally and mentally, so I have much less of a tendency to march everywhere as I used to (marching at the same pace as my...

Chloe Louise | “I think I’ve just found the cure for M.E.!”

Here are some lovely comments from Chloe Louise after her Light Up journey that may encourage those of you wondering whether it would be emotionally rewarding and financially viable to become an Activator: (Read the original article here) ‘When you first...

Rachel Turley | It will help with the whole being and well being of children

Rachel was introduced to Light-Up by Sharon Evans, the CEO of the Dot Com Children’s Foundation. Interested in finding out what it actually does for people, Rachel explains her own experience this way: “It’s made me look at things more positively…. I can analyse...

Neil Evans | “An inner strength and a sense of balance”

A retired police officer who served in the police force for 20 years, Neil now runs the Dot Com Children’s Foundation with his wife Sharon. During his time in service, he suffered numerous traumas and had to leave the police force early. Speaking about the effect...

Sharon Evans | “I’m no longer afraid to be me and to let my inner light shine…”

Sharon has had a successful career as a news reader with Sky, ITV and BBC, as well as presenting TV documentaries. Whilst she was able to face millions, and read the news with confidence and charisma, what people didn’t know was that she was a survivor of childhood...

Simone Perryman – video testimonials

Simone volunteered to go through her Light-Up experience as part of an Activator training programme, in front of our group of students. Responding to an on-line request for people to come forward, she said “I just knew it was me, I knew this was the right thing for me...

Nikki Alderson | “a gentle tide of relief and calm washing over my very being”.

I've been mulling over how to put into words the re-discovery of myself. The best way I can describe my DNA light up experience is like a gentle tide of relief and calm washing over my very being; an absolute belief in myself and my authenticity and full knowledge...

“This is an outstanding course”.

This is an outstanding course. I am so impressed with the content Evelyn and Sarah pulled together. I strongly recommend their DNA Light Up workshop to anyone interested in character building. Its content will change you and your ability in the office to flourish and...

Athina | “I am confident in my abilities and stress-free”.

“With DNA Light Up training Sarah has helped me to let go of decades of anxiety and connect with my purpose. Now I’m being led by my intuition, not by my fears. For the first time in years, I feel I am confident in my abilities and stress-free.”

Outshine your competition!

Light-Up in the business arena results in greater clarity, more authentic communication, greater personal motivation, more confident decision-making, better team collaboration, and the courage to reach further and make a bigger difference.

Get the leading edge!

Entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals are inherently driven to innovate, inspire and strive to be the best they can be. Light-Up in the business arena will give you a ground-breaking edge, resulting in more authentic communication, more confident decision-making, greater personal motivation and the courage to reach further and make a bigger difference.

Corporate re-boot

The Light-Up set of executive power-coaching tools gives you and your business a complete re-boot from the inside out. Operating from a place of self-assured certainty, professional people move out of pure thinking and into a deeper knowing that amplifies existing capabilities and means we can:

  • dissolve obstructions, bring people on-board and foster greater trust in relationships with clients and colleagues alike
  • connect and engage with others on a deeper level of truth and fluency
  • recognise issues (even the previously hidden ones) more quickly, as well as find and deliver solutions that may not have been visible before
  • fulfill and develop both personal and business goals with a sense of certainty and enjoyment

Practical Tools

Light-Up in the corporate arena illuminates blocks that may have been stifling business growth. By identifying causes, you can transform results. Old symptoms fade away in the light of renewed creativity, progress and flow. Armed with practical tools that enable you to take action, your business and career can shine brighter than your competition.

Game Changer

DNA Light-Up isn’t about staff engagement. This is IN-gagement, and it’s a game changer. Taking your team through the Light-Up programme will give your business a complete re-boot from the inside out. We guarantee it won’t be what you’ve experienced before – we don’t do conventional ‘box ticking’.

N.B. Whether you are an individual, a team or a business, we can design the package that will suit your specific needs and budget. Please contact us for more details and to book your free consultation.


We have a brand new website dedicated to using the DNA Light-Up technology in the business environment. We call it Transformational Leadership Coaching – or TLC for short. Go to now!


We can design a package tailored to suit your specific needs and budget, whether that is working one to one with your key people, running Light-Up workshops for small groups or larger teams, or speaking at events. Please get in contact and lets start the discussion!

“My DNA Light-Up was a euphoric experience and not something I had expected. I now use a different vocabulary, my posture has grown and my new-found self belief is wonderful. The benefits of the new me within my working environment are highly noticeable and my confidence is right back where it needs to be”.

Michelle Goodwin

HR Manager, Watling JCB

“Mind blowing! This is a whole new way to be. For the first time in my working career, I’m truly happy and loving the journey of my business again. So much calmer, living in the moment and with the balance I never had. I spend time with my family and I’m actually there, not mentally stuck in some business strategy. This is beyond what you’d ever expect, just do it!”

Darren Fell

Founder and CEO, Crunch Accounting

“This extraordinary programme inspires and motivates people to take control of their own destiny, and we are determined to take it far and wide”

Lucinda McAllister

Service Manager – Employability and Employer Engagement, Fife Council

“It is no wonder that traditional ‘coaching’ hasn’t been particularly effective for me and others I know, and why at best it takes an age to work and often is transient. Light-up in comparison is immediate, life changing, and life lasting as it comes from within”

Rick Player

Managing Director, Event Paramedics