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Born in London to Lancashire parents, youngest of four girls, I was lovingly raised to be a good little girl. It served me pretty well while I was a little girl, not so well later on. And my father’s advice to “judge not, that you be not judged” got me into all sorts of trouble…

Light Up has brought together many strands of exploration and been a giant leap forwards for me. I’ve shed a lot of fear and guilt and shifted out of my default setting of compliance. My curiosity and playfulness are re-energised. More than ever, I love to dance, swim and travel and when excited tend to run around the garden. I’ve found a new clarity about the contrast between discerning and judging. I have the freedom to step into the power I was born with – and to enable others to do the same.

So, to a varied career – acting, teaching, co-owning and running a restaurant, network marketing – I’ve chosen to add Light Up Activator. What an adventure! What an inspiring mission to be a part of: re-igniting our world one person at a time! Happily, Light Up works just as well via Skype or Messenger, so distance is no barrier. I’m in Dorset, you might be in Australia, I’m still able to guide you through the simple, playful steps.

If you’re experiencing even a tiny “yes” at this moment, wherever you are in the world, please contact me and let’s chat and explore whether Light Up, and specifically Light Up with me, is the next step for you.

Love to hear from you,

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