Light Up is for life.

This is a uniquely personal journey, igniting the spark within you so you can go anywhere you choose – lighter, brighter, stronger, clearer and with more certainty than ever before. It involves personal empowerment techniques that reach the part that other personal development programmes don’t, gently guiding you home to

be who you really are,

so you can

do the things you dream about. 

For INDIVIDUALS, it's life changing

Ignite the spark, fan the flames and finally claim the life you’ve always dreamed about. Regardless of your age, experience, background or beliefs, the Light-Up journey delivers the missing piece of the jigsaw that empowers you to fulfil your deepest-held potential.

For GROUPS and FAMILIES, it's game changing

Whether you’re a group that lives together, works together, plays together or shares common interests, the Light-Up journey creates balance, harmony and a deeper understanding of self and others. Issues can be resolved, collaboration strengthened and, from a new solid foundation, ambitions can be met and goals achieved!

For PROFESSIONALS, it's ground-breaking

Light-Up in the business arena results in greater clarity, more authentic communication, greater personal motivation, more confident decision-making, better team collaboration, and the courage to reach further and make a bigger difference.

So, what’s it all about?

Light Up has been described in so many ways – it’s easier to explain it in this way:

It’s NOT coaching. It’s NOT training. It’s NOT therapy.

We call it IN-tuition, ground-breaking human development from the inside out!

Our unique set of experiential power-coaching techniques show us how to recognize and move through the personal obstacles that have been holding us back. This isn’t a short-lived quick-fix solution. Light-Up is for life.

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DNA LIght-Up for individuals, groups and professionals.


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